Uptown Bourgeois About Me

Let's talk about it.

Uptown Bourgeois is about juxtaposition, contrast.

In the beginning, I felt a sense of pride in having bourgeois tastes while living uptown.

I can be black AND smart.

I can be gay AND masculine.

I can be artistic AND business-minded.

I can like protein shakes AND chicken and waffles.

If you have unique tastes and sensibilities but can’t seem to find a place where you fit in, this is it, my friends.  You have a bourgeois friend willing to welcome you with open arms and a glass of moderately priced Pinot Grigio.

If you’re looking for an in-depth analysis of Game of Thrones or a track-by-track breakdown of the latest Meghan Trainor album, this isn’t the place for you.


This site isn’t for everyone.  I don’t strive to be everything to every reader.  Uptown Bourgeois isn’t breaking news, it isn’t popular or mainstream culture, and it isn’t confined to a single topic or definition.  If you thrive on ambiguity, change, unpredictability and cultural adventure, this is a place that should be part of your daily/weekly reading. 

UB started as a fashion blog but the world has enough of those, right? This is for the intellectual who struggles in that in-between space. 

Too black for the country club but not black enough for the hood? 

Too straight for the circuit party but too gay for the sports bar? 

Do you find yourself rolling your eyes every time another superhero movie trailer airs before your YouTube video? 

Do you look at the iTunes top 10 with a look of confusion/disgust? 

Have you never seen that show or read that book everyone’s talking about? 

Do you like weird shit and you’re tired of being teased about it? 

Tired of going to the movies alone or waiting weeks until you meet up with your hipster friends to discuss the things you love? 

Let’s be weird and snobby and intellectual together.

This site is about individuality, uniqueness, what makes you stand out from everyone else; not what’s going to help you blend in.  Got something interesting to say?  An unpopular opinion on a new film?  A glowing review about an album that no one’s heard?  A fond love of an obscure British sitcom?  A growing disdain for Snapchat filters?  Don’t hold back any longer. 

Let’s talk about it.