Uptown Bourgeois About



In short, Uptown Bourgeois is an art space where I can share my creations in any form, be it a personal essay, a podcast, a short documentary film, or photos.  But more than an art space, UB is a living, breathing representation of evolution.

In 2014, the brand started as a men’s fashion blog and stayed the course through the following year. In 2016, I took a turn into irreverent pop culture commentary, with snarky, daily blog posts.  But in 2017, I started dabbling in more socially conscious work—essays and blog posts that examined universal issues through a personal lens.  This work felt important and most closely aligned with what I wanted to achieve through my art.

Still, I’ve tried a lot of content approaches that failed, either because they attracted little fanfare or because the workload was too intense, but mainly because they distracted from my primary objective—to produce quality content.  I hosted a daily Snapchat talk show called Hot Tea, where I dished on the controversy du jour, and I started the Bourgeois Brief, a daily recap of pop culture headlines concerning creators of color. Both projects were fun to create and served a purpose.  But ultimately, in terms of releasing meaningful content with a lasting impact, the quantity of those projects forced me to sacrifice quality. And in sacrificing quality, I sacrificed everything that Uptown Bourgeois stands for.

Uptown Bourgeois isn’t about a single topic or a limited scope.  My work covers everything from the ways social media impacts our friendships to the many different forms of political resistance, from the dying print magazine industry to the symbolism of black natural hair, from loving and leaving New York to drinking in Parisian speakeasies.  This blog is about living and everything that living entails.  When you think about your favorite publication, whether it’s The New York Timesor Vogue, you don’t think of one subject matter that stands out.  You think of that brand’s voice, the way they edit photos, the length of the articles, the way each piece makes you feel—the quality.

Uptown Bourgeois is about art, it’s about quality, it’s about evolution.  The topics may vary from week to week, but you can always expect to encounter those three things: Art. Quality. Evolution.