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As a kid, I was a master of change.  I was an Air Force brat, born in Indiana, but raised in Ohio, the D.C. suburbs, and Florida.  And then I moved to New York.  Each move forced me to create new routines, meet new people, and establish a new version of my life.  My responsibilities within those changes have morphed drastically—from finding a neat home for my toys and buying school supplies to signing a lease on an affordable apartment and calculating the NYC cost of living.  But the exhilaration of change is still there for me. 

Change has played different roles throughout my life.  It was initially mandatory for me, something I had no say in.  Then, it became a coping mechanism when I felt my life was stagnant.  My big move to Manhattan was supposed to spur my big break in the magazine world.  I’m still waiting on that call from GQ.

But now, change is something that’s still mandatory in a sense, but not mandated by anyone else.  I know that change keeps me on my toes; it challenges me, keeps me agile and kicks me out of my comfort zone.

I found a creative groove in 2017.  I wrote my essays on Tuesdays, recorded my podcasts on Wednesdays, sent my newsletter on Thursdays.  Each aspect of UB had a template and I just filled it in with the necessary parts.  I produced some work that I’m really proud of but I also got to a point where I functioned on autopilot.  And once I hit that point, my content slowed down and eventually stopped.

So, I’m inviting change into my life once again.

Things look a bit different here at UB but that change isn’t just superficial.

In 2018, the year of WORDS and BEST, a lot of things will look, feel, and sound different.

The newsletter will become a conversation that takes my weekly content further, with related links, quotes, and media that give additional context.

The podcast will become a discussion, no longer just an audio essay for those who don’t have the time to read my work.

The website will focus on restoring the meaning in words, with less focus on imagery.

My social media accounts will display distinct aesthetics and shares and content that complement the ongoing discussion while still entertaining and providing something unique.

What won’t change?

My essays will continue to be thought-provoking long reads that offer insight into my life while still finding and connecting the common threads between all of us.  You’ll still be able to find a little piece of yourself in each story I tell, whether it’s a personal anecdote, an investigative piece, or an interview.

My vision for UB is more realized than ever. Not only will this be the best year for me personally and professionally, it’ll be the best year for my content.

Are you ready for the change?

For Everyone Who Dares to Be Happy

For Everyone Who Dares to Be Happy