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New Online Dating Site Welcomes True Love and Hookups

New Online Dating Site Welcomes True Love and Hookups

Once upon a time, online dating was embarrassing.  You’d rather make up a story about meeting someone in a Starbucks than admit the truth—that you met Mr. Right on a geo-targeted dating app.  But in recent years, cultural attitudes about internet dating have shifted in a positive direction.  A 2016 Pew Research Center report showed that 59% of American adults view dating sites and apps as a good way to meet people, compared to just 44% 10 years earlier.  And sites like the newly launched Yamvoo.com are leading the change.

What is Yamvoo?

Yamvoo.com is the latest entrant in the competitive dating site landscape.  Its tagline, “Meet like-minded singles,” seems fairly simple on the surface. But what stands out about the site is its open embrace of every romantic objective.

Quite often, lovelorn singles head to these sites and apps with the express purpose of finding their soulmates, or at least, that’s what they tell people.  The prevailing sentiment—that coupling up is the only way to go—leads a lot of people to shy away from the truth about their internet dating behavior.  But anyone who has used Tinder knows that a large percentage of users aren’t looking for anything serious.  And Yamvoo welcomes them all with open arms.

Where other sites push users toward long-term relationships and serious dating, Yamvoo openly encourages users to search for what they want, be it a new friend, a hookup, or something long-lasting.  The site boasts expansive search capability, private messaging, community forums, and the ability to post and access photos and videos.  Additionally, Yamvoo is safe and secure.

More than internet dating

With Yamvoo’s wide range of functions and purposes, it harkens back to the heyday of OkCupid. That experience was heavily routed online vs. in an app, and it was designed as a place for users to hang out for extended periods of time.  Considering there are more dating apps than any of us can count, Yamvoo’s move is a bold one.

Plus, its open embrace of hookup culture is kind of unprecedented.  Grindr still markets itself as a social networking app for gay and bi men.  Tinder markets its app as a place to meet new people. Neither outright states what people are actually there for; instead, they push the social angle over the romantic or sexual one.  In contrast, Yamvoo offers a refreshing sense of candor, openly inviting everyone, regardless of their goal.

Yamvoo arrives at a time when the conversation around hookup culture has become more nuanced. Psychologists consider it a cultural revolution, and they’re exploring the positives and negatives. Those engrossed in the culture are starting to have conflicting feelings. And some publications, like PAPER, suggest hookup culture is playing a major role in overthrowing the patriarchy.

It’s hard to say where hookup culture is headed or what its long-term implications will be, but it’s clear that it’s here to stay.  People are willing to explore the nooks and crannies of it, and there’s still space for new players, like Yamvoo.  Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a commitment phobe, it’s time to change the way we talk about and experience online dating.

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