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Blank Space

Blank Space

blank space donald trump

By Tialena Elliott

Donald Trump is the new Taylor Swift.” Ordinarily I am witty to the point of recklessness. Usually, my Olympic level shade throwing never fails me…

         “What?” Was he seriously equating the country’s renewed interest and the political popularity of real life President Snow (come on, tell me you don’t see the parallels?) to that of America’s basic sweetheart?

         “Trump, he’s like-ok, what Swift is to teenage girls? That’s what he is to his supporters.” I thought about it. I pictured Trump going full on “Tay” and writing a song about his ongoing political dissension with Hillary Clinton. He’d have Monica Lewinsky make a cameo as she flirted with a Bernie Sanders lookalike.

         “You’re saying that Trump…inspires his supporters, like Swift does her fans?”

         “No. I’m saying that a lot of her fans, especially young women find Swift and her ‘message’ inspiring. It’s all about girl power right? Representation. She writes songs about the men she’s dated and in these songs she says what a lot of women wish they had the guts to say to their exes.” I decided to humor him.

         “I’d say that the majority of Trump’s supporters aren’t lacking in the representation department.”

         “He speaks his mind. Prior to Trump running for President, people would never openly express their dislike of Mexicans and Muslims. He is-”



         “You said that people are now comfortable expressing their dislike of Mexicans and Muslims. The word you should’ve used was prejudice.”

         “I mean yeah obviously. Look, his supporters may not necessarily be prejudiced against Mexicans and Muslims but here’s a guy telling them everything they want to hear you know? He’s transparent even when it’s clear he has no idea what he’s talking about.”

         “So basically, Trump appeals to the xenophobia that many American’s secretly harbor and his Presidential campaign is a tool used to instill and reinforce an irrational fear of the ‘other’?”


         “And like Swift, Trump uses phrases like “Make America Great Again” in lieu of catchy hooks as proxy for what he really wants to say?”


         “You’ve put a lot of thought into this haven’t you?”

         “Not really. My girlfriend had that damn song of hers on repeat. The one where she says something about a long list of ex-lovers? After hearing it for the hundredth time, I swear the thought just came to me.”

         “Blank Space.”


         “The name of the song. It’s Blank Space.”

         “Yeah I think that’s the one.”

A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For...Couture Gowns?

A Vote For Trump Is A Vote For...Couture Gowns?