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The Varsity Look

I can vividly remember how confident and "cool" I felt whenever I wore my letterman jacket back in high school.  A varsity jacket was the ultimate symbol of acceptance at a time in our lives when image was everything. With some minor design tweaks, the modern day varsity look is one that can make you feel just as proud of your outfit now as you did back then.  Express has one of the best and most affordable versions on the market this season.  The charcoal base with black contrast sleeves gives it that athletic feel, but the tailored fit and cut make it perfect for adding a modern twist to your everyday work wear or your casual brunch look.  If you want to add some depth and style to your look without getting too formal, a varsity jacket is that sporty breath of fresh air.

Photos by SahedPhotography.com

Jacket: Express; Tee and Chinos: Banana Republic; Shoes: Cole Haan; Socks: Happy Socks; Watch: Michael Kors


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