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Industrial Realness

There's a certain combination of colors and outfit elements that work together to create an industrial look. Putting a modern spin on the industrial look through some minor details is quite simple. A great pair of utility boots adds a rough edge that not many other types of footwear can provide. The mixed media Original Penguin boot featured here softens the look just a tad with its flannel detailing. The waxed jeans, tartan woven around the waist, and black quilted elbow patches on the sweater all work in unison to showcase a look that feels rugged, edgy, and dark. Perfect for those gloomy fall days, you can add a little darkness into your wardrobe without leaning so heavily on all black. And notice a cameo from my favorite hooded mac to show you how to add in a little color without deconstructing the look. What are some of your go-to staples for those dark days? Let me know in the comments below.

Photo by SahedPhotography.com

Sweater: Public School; Woven (around the waist): Banana Republic; Jeans: Greywire; Boots: Original Penguin

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