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Brand Spotlight: Majls

During the current resurgence of streetwear, it can be tough to find those pieces that truly stand out as everyone seems to gravitate toward the same styles or design houses.  Swedish brand Majls offers some promising streetwear alternatives that put an original spin on a growing trend while still working effortlessly into your look.  The brand’s latest Wizard Anthology Collection is equal parts edge and whimsy.  The solar system-inspired prints and minimalistic use of black and white create a cohesive offering that makes a subtle yet bold statement.  A highlight of the release is the Long Journey Jacket—fashionable with its signature print lining and functional with its storage pockets.  You may not have heard of Majls just yet, but it’s only a matter of time before streetwear enthusiasts are layering the Engender Shirt into their outifits.  For a deeper look into the collection’s inspiration, check out the YouTube clip below!  And to pick up a piece or check out the brand, log on to majls.se.

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