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Loosen Up

Men's fashion is cyclical, especially when it comes to pant fits.  Skinny was the preferred silhouette from high-end designers first and then mimicked by mass market retailers around the world.  Now, a skinny fit is practically all you can find in stores.  And though you can often find me in skinny denim, I'm most intrigued by the return of a looser silhouette in men's pants.  In the most recent Prada ad campaign featuring James McAvoy, he was shown sporting a pair of loose black trousers.  It was an announcement of things to come from a well-established and trusted fashion house.  When I say loose silhouette, I don't mean baggy.  Simply buying your pants two sizes up won't necessarily do the trick (though it can work depending on the brand).  These trousers are proportioned to still fit your body while providing a draping trouser leg for dramatic effect.  Here I've taken a more classic fit lightweight wool pant up one size and kept it creased to present a loose look that's still clean.  Paired with sneakers and a fitted sweater, it creates the perfect balance of style and cool.  Though you may be reluctant to go against the fashion grain, the loose pant is definitely kicking its way back into mainstream fashion.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Sweater: AllSaints; Tee: Eleven Paris; Pants: Banana Republic; Sneakers: Puma 

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