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Return of the Mac

Oftentimes, the instant inclement weather go-to is the trench coat.  And while the trench coat remains a classic and stylish way to brave the elements, a hooded mac does just the same without the all the bells and whistles.  Its design is simplistic, clean, and functional.  It even works as a great accessory to your look when you need an additional layer, but you're just not ready for your peacoat or topcoat.  A mac can go with just about anything in your wardrobe...a very versatile player in your closet.  Here I've thrown it on with denim, slip-ons, and a patterned sweater to break up the monochromaticity of my look.  Whether you need some light added warmth or a shield from Mother Nature, a hooded mac has your back.

Photo by SahedPhotography.com

Mac: Gap; Sweater: Paul Smith; Jeans: John Elliott + Co x GAP; Shoes: MRKT


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