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Brand Spotlight: Alton Lane

Last week, I had a blast chronicling my first custom shirting experience at Marcella. This week, I turn my brand spotlight to Alton Lane, a premiere luxury custom suiting brand. With appointment-only showrooms in 7 locations including NYC, D.C., and the most recent addition in San Francisco, the perfect suit is always within reach. The brand uses a combination of 3D body scanning technology and traditional measurements to create a custom suit that's unique to your body in every way. Basic suiting starts at $595 and includes a multitude of customization options. The brand offers several different fabrication options as well inlcuding many that are used by top design houses like Chanel. If you're looking for the ultimate luxe customizaton job, your suit could top out at $20,000, but most jobs average in the range of $900-$2000, which is really a steal for a complete customized suit. The brand also offers custom shirting and ready-to-wear Italian made silk ties and pocket squares. Customers can set up an appointment online with ease and have the option of customizing their entire showroom experience from the type of liquor served to the background music playing during their fitting. This is a true luxe experience! If you're looking for a new way to spoil the dapper guy in your life, Alton Lane is just the touch you're looking for. Visit www.altonlane.com for more info.

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