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Infinity and Beyond...

If you've seen Accessory Wonderland or Looking Back, it's no secret that I love a good infinity scarf. Though more traditional scarf options lend themselves to more creative styling choices, infinity scarves add an element of style and warmth that can't be duplicated. Whether you loop your scarf around multiple times for depth or let it hang loosely as shown here, the infinity scarf is the ultimate finishing touch to your look. I've paired it here with a moto leather jacket to soften the edge and add some additional warmth without burying myself in too many layers. A pop color in your infinity scarf can also work wonders if you're looking to brigthen up a monochromatic look. Whatever purpose an infinity scarf serves in your wardrobe, it's a neccessary piece to battle the cold temps this winter.
Photography by Take It Easy Tiger

Leather Jacket, Shoes, and Tote: Banana Republic; Jeans: Gap; Scarf: Urban Outfitters; Sweater: Topman

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