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One of the biggest trends in menswear (and fashion in general) this year was layering. The version I'm showing here may not be as extreme as some of the layering you've seen so far, but this look drives the point home.  Sweaters with side zip details are great for layering because you can still showcase your second piece regardless of its length.  I went with a simple elongated tee underneath the sweater to add an additional element of drama while still keeping the look versatile for many different scenarios.  I've kept everything pretty simple here with solid colors and slim fits, but this look could easily be duplicated using sweaters with prints or graphics and adding in some seriously distressed denim.  If you're thinking about adding some layering into your look but you've been a little intimidated by what you've seen in all the streetwear pics on Instagram, start out simple with some basic pieces like those shown here and ease your way in.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Sweater: BDG; Tee: Urban Outfitters; Pants: Banana Republic; Sneakers: Calvin Klein Jeans


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