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The Perfect Fit...

Finding the perfect shirt can be extremely difficult, especially for a guy like me. I'm 6'3", and most brands assume that men who wear large shirts are taller and wider. Mass market shirting doesn't take into account that there are men out there who have broad shoulders and small waists. In order to get a shirt with the appropriate sleeve length, I find myself swimming in fabric. I'd pretty much decided that the only way around this problem was to avoid wearing dress shirts altogether (very possible in my line of work) or spend a huge chunk of change and time getting my shirts tailored. Neither option seemed realistic. Custom shirting seemed like something that was aspirational-far beyond a realistic price range for this stage of my life. But after my experience with Marcella, I've found that perfectly fitted custom shirting can definitely be a part of my life. I had a part in choosing every detail of the shirt shown here from the cuff detail to the fabric and contrast color. Not only did I walk away feeling like an accomplished menswear designer (lol), I also had a shirt perfectly tailored to my body that I can truly call one of a kind. To get started with your Marcella experience, head over to www.marcellacustom.com.

Photograhpy by SahedPhotography.com

Blazer and shoes: Banana Republic; Shirt: Marcella; Jeans: Gap


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