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Using New York City landmarks as the backdrop for so many of my photoshoots is so inspiring. This look is equally about rugged landscape and the rugged look. Similar to last week's Camouflage story, I had the opportunity to shoot in Central Park. The combination of the bare tress, crisp winter air, and this McQ by Alexander McQueen statement sweatshirt created this masculine, raw edge and energy that makes this set one of my favorites since the start of Uptown Bourgeois. If you're hoping to achieve a look that's simple to assemble but still evokes effortless strength, distressed denim and boots combined with a graphic sweatshirt or sweater can do just that. Similar to how a backdrop can be key to creating a great photo, sometimes it isn't leather or excessive accessorizing that you need; it's all in the details.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Sweatshirt: McQ by Alexander McQueen; Jeans: PRPS; Boots: Original Penguin; Coat: Zara

Skater Boy