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Rockabilly Rebellion

The spirit of 1960s Watts is often remembered as rebellious, riotous, and violent.  But many of the members of the neighborhood's street gangs went on to become major players and leaders in the civil rights movement.  Despite the impression of their daily activity, there was an effortless style amongst all of these men.  In today's culture, which is so heavily dominated by streetwear, being a well-dressed man can sometimes be an act of rebellion in itself.

Part of the uniform of these historic days involved pieces like what I'm wearing: plaid woven shirts, dark pants with dramatic cuffing, slim jackets with short cuts, and colorful dress socks to match.  This look, like the looks of the past, pulls inspiration from urban life and rockabilly alike.  There's a simultaneous fresh youthfulness and sense of refinement present in the complete look.  I'm doing my small part to channel the spirit of equality through a look inspired by the men who came before us.

It's always great to follow trend, but sometimes that trend isn't what you see on Instagram.  It's buried in the pages of our history books.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Jacket, Shirt, and Pants by Banana Republic//Socks by Happy Socks//Shoes by Cole Haan//Undershirt by Stafford//Belt by Wall + Water

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