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Bourgeois Playlist 10.16.15

Photo by SahedPhotography.com

There's so much great music out there that isn't on the radio.  I love that we can all have a platform to share what we're listening to.  Click through below to see and hear the songs powering my Bourgeois week.

1. GoldLink "Spectrum": The D.C.-based rapper drops this subdued club track that pays equal homage to Missy Elliott (check the She's A Bitch vocal sample) and U.K. garage.

2. YACHT "Ringtone": YACHT returns with a dance rock workout that mashes up elements of electro and 70s funk.

3. Ellie Goulding "Something in the Way You Move": Ellie Goulding is aiming for the big leagues.  Something in the Way You Move delivers a powerhouse hook and sweet vocals.  This is sure to be a huge one for her.

4. The Game & Skrillex "El Chapo": Producers Skrillex and Bangladesh push The Game into enjoyably weird and experimental territory on El Chapo.

5. IYES "Lessons": Subtle, moody, and understated pop with a sing-songy chorus.

6. Melanie Fiona "I Tried": This is what Melanie Fiona does best: smoky, sultry, seductive torch songs.  I Tried yearns, pines, and delivers.

7. Bloc Party "The Love Within": This new Bloc Party single is reminiscent of some of their best work from Silent Alarm.

8. LEISURE "All Over You": 70s quiet storm R&B makes a welcome comeback on this sexy midtempo record.

9. Stwo feat. Sevdaliza "Haunted": As its title suggests, dark, moody vocals are whispered and purred over warbling synths and hip hop drums.

10. Haley Reinhart "Can't Help Falling In Love": You may know the classic version by UB40, but this American Idol alum tugs at the heart strings with this acoustic take.  For ultimate effect, watch it as the soundtrack to the tearjerker Extra gum commercial.

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