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Bourgeois Playlist 10.29.15

Photo by SahedPhotography.com

I'm not kicking off my Halloween weekend listening to "Thriller" or "Somebody's Watching Me".  I found a few jams that aren't spooky but can still add some spice to your festivities.  And, if you're sticking to a party of one, these songs sound even better with a pair of the best noise cancelling earbuds.  Enjoy!

1. Pentatonix "Can't Sleep Love": These harmonic wonders create a dreamy trip that plays out like a 2015 update of 50s pop.

2. St. Lucia "Dancing On Glass": A sweeping, soaring new pop selection ushers in the sophomore effort from St. Lucia.

3. The Chainsmokers feat. Waterbed "Waterbed": Some freaky, weird, and subdued ass-shaking from the group originally got that #Selife song stuck in your head.

4. Fall Out Boy feat. Migos "Irresistible" (remix): Zaytovan gives Fall Out Boy the remix treatment and creates the perfect opportunity for the band to take an unlikely spin at R&B radio.

5. Chairlift "Ch-Ching": Funky, jazzy, left field alt-pop that's equally at home in clubs and coffee shops.

6. TĀLĀ & Banks "Wolfpack": Silky smooth vocals weave around this electro R&B track and tell a story of girl power and unity.

7. D.R.A.M. feat. SZA "Caretaker": Quiet storm R&B for the millennial set.

8. Cloves "Don't You Wait": A beautiful acoustic gem that aches, yearns, and builds without ever boiling over.

9. Oyster Kids "Creepy": The haunting vocal helps this song live up its name.  But it's still a catchy tune and a fun listen.

10. NAO "Bad Blood": NAO's voice seems to be getting exponentially stronger with each release.  New school R&B that experiments and pulls from the best parts of the genre.

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