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Hoodie Casual with Zayan

Let's face it.  Even though I'm a fashion blogger, there are some days when I just don't care how I look, and I reach for the first thing in my closet.  When the temps drop down to the 50s and 60s, a hoodie is usually the first thing I grab.  I'm not talking a stylish hoodie.  I'm talking something that's probably been buried in the back of my closet for months and serves no other purpose than keeping me warm.  Zayan is here to help us step up our hoodie game.

Zayan makes heavyweight premium cotton hoodies that pack as much warmth as they do style.  The hoodies are cut slim like your favorite fall jacket, and the silver hardware details add an elevated appeal that's missing from most hoodies.  This piece is versatile and stylish-two qualities that most hoodie fans seem to forgo.  Zayan's hoodie is also lined with polyester and comes in four rich, neutral colors.  

Aside from style, one of the most exciting things about Zayan is their approach to thoughtful sourcing.  The brand is in direct contact with factories around the world and creates a sense of community and social impact by involving the workers and local communities in the creation process.  This isn't emotionless outsourced labor.  This is a fresh approach to manufacturing that's enhancing lives one hoodie at a time.

I've kept things simple here pairing the hoodie with a pair of ripped jeans and a chambray woven shirt.  The Zayan hoodie is the star here.  The plush powder blue injects some color back into fall where darker and more neutral colors tend to dominate.  The cut of the hoodie also keeps this look from being a sloppy throwaway.  Despite its casual nature, the look still has an element of refinement and style.  That's usually difficult to achieve with hoodies.

For more info on Zayan, head over to www.zayanusa.com and watch their story unfold on Instagram @zayanusa.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Hoodie: Zayan//Shirt: Joe Fresh//Jeans and Sneakers: Gap//Bag: Banana Republic//Headphones: Urbanears 


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