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Layer Up

Dressing for fall gets tricky.  It's freezing in the morning and boiling in the afternoon.  You want to make sure you're bundled up for the morning commute but you don't want to melt on the way home.  What do you do?!

Adding on some easily removable layers is the quickest solution.  When you're determined to stay warm but you're just not ready to pull out your peacoat, a quilted vest can work wonders for you.  Pop something on underneath that can stand on its own like the shawl collar varsity sweater I'm wearing here.  The vest gives just enough coverage for the chilly morning.  Then you can ditch it as soon as things start to heat up.  Still stylish. Still warm.  Just one less layer.  If things get extreme, wear a light shirt underneath the sweater.  I'm wearing a super thin long sleeve knit here that doubles as a great undershirt and can fly solo if necessary.

The key to dressing for fall is anticipating all the weather extremes you can face in a single day.  Dressing for success isn't about the boardroom.  It's all about beating the heat or the cold in a way to keeps fashion first.

Photography by Tarik Carroll

Vest, Sweater, Tee, and Boots: Banana Republic//Jeans: Gap//Socks: Nike

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