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Bourgeois Playlist 10.9.15

1. Kylie Minogue & Garibay feat. Sam Sparro "If I Can't Have You ": Kylie is just the latest in a slew of major artists to drop a new project with absolutely no hype or promotion.  While this short and sweet EP isn't creating the kind of hysteria caused by Beyoncé's infamous holiday surprise back in 2013, this uptempo love song is a welcome gift for fall playlists.

2. Grandtheft feat. Lowell "Quit This City": The sweeter side of trap shines through on this initial offering from Grandtheft's upcoming new project of the same name.

3. Disclosure feat. Lorde "Magnets": Lorde plays sultry seductress over Disclosure's slinky beats and drops a hook that's sure to get stuck in your head.  And the eerie revenge video enhances the experience even more.

4. Whilk & Misky "Clap Your Hands": Folk and electro music harmoniously coexist on this sunny and uplifting dance track.

5. Kelela "A Message": This second single from Kelela's upcoming EP release has me wishing a full-length was in the works instead.  This is a new school ballad with a bittersweet message for an imperfect lover.  You can hear the pain and aching in every note.

6. Autograf feat. Janelle Kroll "Metaphysical": The beats are enough on their own but the soulful power vocal keeps you hooked.

7. Grimes feat. Blood Diamonds "Go": Pop meets trap again to provide the perfect backdrop for Grimes' haunting vocals.

8. Mura Masa feat. NAO "Firefly": NAO is lending her gritty R&B vocals to only the dopest of collaborators, and this gem does not disappoint.  I'd love to hear a collaboration mixtape from these two indie forces.

9. Troye Sivan feat. Broods "EASE": Glimmering electro pop that gets a lift from Broods' moody brand of pop.

10. Shakka feat. JME "Say Nada": No strings attached relations get all the praise and attention on this R&B banger.

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