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Shopping Gets Easier With Fittery


Let's face the cold, hard truth.  Even though we are men who love fashion, shopping is still a difficult thing to do.  Ordering online can be scary if you're buying from a new brand and haven't tested out your sizes there.  The hassle involved with eventually having to return it deters you from making the purchase in the first place.  But the thought of going from store to store in search of the perfect item isn't exactly appealing either.  Especially on a day like Black Friday.  Fittery has taken all the guesswork and labor out of shopping for good.

“Brands don’t have a view into what customers’ bodies look like,” Fittery co-founder Catherine Iger said. “Brands are kind of designing in the dark.”

The idea for Fittery was born out of both personal problems and the problems of those around her regarding finding the perfect fit.  Market research revealed that fit was a widespread issue, and many brands saw return rates for online purchases land in the 30-40% range.

Fittery operates as a sort of match.com for shoppers and brands.  Users can create a profile in which they either give their own measurements or take a survey to approximate their measurements.  Once submitted, FitMatch technology takes this data and matches the user to the brands where clothing will fit him best.  The user can then buy directly from the brands with the confidence that everything will fit perfectly.

“Someone needs to be in the middle,” Iger said.  Fittery is currently working with 41 brands but has plans to continue adding to its already impressive portfolio.  The focus now is solely on menswear with a heavy concentration on dress and casual shirting in a wide range of price points.  Next up, pants and suiting will be added to the mix eventually followed by sweaters and summer wear. 

Aside from the revolutionary ease of shopping for consumers, Fittery also plans to use its data to help brands improve their sizing. 

And for the holidays, a user’s profile can be accessed (with permission) and utilized for gifting.    No more awkward texts asking about sizing preferences.  A Fittery profile has all the answers.

Want to see it for yourself? Head over to www.fittery.com.

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