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Fitness is a HUGE part of my life.  I'd work out every day if I could, but I make it to the gym at least four times a week.  In my fitness pursuit, one thing I've noticed is that style and health don't always go hand in hand.  The first priority during a workout is the workout.  As it should be.  But this shouldn't mean that fashion takes the backseat.  You're still representing yourself to the public when you're at the gym, and what you sweat in says just as much about you as what you wear to the office.  Plus, your gym gear should support you and aid your workout efforts.

WPN. blends the best of both worlds combining high performance functionality with style.  The Australia-based brand is on a quest to become a leader in the worldwide activewear category, and is currently in the midst of an exciting Kickstarter campaign.  The product is expertly sized and comfortable.  Whether your workout is focused on cardio or strength training, you can reap the benefits of the moisture wicking fabrics in the compression top and shorts.  The Hustle tank gives you that extra fashion edge to show that you take your workouts seriously.  I walked into the gym with an extra boost of confidence and felt like a true professional athlete.  I had an amazing workout in the gear and felt equally badass and well dressed.

From a style standpoint, I love a slimmer and shorter workout short for mobility.  Baggy, long shorts can be more of a hassle as you shift between exercises or circuits.  Compression pieces with moisture wicking fabrics are essential for any sweat session.  Of course, dripping with sweat is an indication of a great workout, but it doesn't have to be shared with everyone else all over the gym floor or equipment.  Compression tops and shorts help keep things in order.

Hitting the gym doesn't have to mean leaving behind your sense of style.  Reinvent your fitness fashion with slimmer cuts and layers that double down on function.  For more info on WPN., click here.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Hustle Tank, Compression Top, Compression Shorts, and Stealth Short by WPN.//Sneakers by Nike

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