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The Saturday Sweatpant Will Be Your New Favorite Pant

The word sweatpant often conjures up the image of your dad.  The sweatpant has long been regarded as a multipurpose pant that put comfort way ahead of style and function.  Dirty, old, oversized, and downright ugly, the sweatpant of yesteryear has no place in any contemporary man’s closet.  Up and coming brand Natoma + Co. is on a mission to update the classic sweatpant for the modern guy.

Sometimes it takes a group of fashion outsiders to help push men’s fashion in new directions.  Natoma + Co. was founded by a former Apple employee, an ex-venture capitalist, and an award-winning filmmaker all with no experience in fashion.  But that’s exactly why you should be paying attention. 

The California-based brand’s Saturday Sweatpant is loungewear that seamlessly fuses with your weekend lifestyle.  Where your dad’s sweatpants were baggy and old-fashioned, the Saturday Sweatpant is cut slim and contemporary so that you can glide through your lazy Saturday without looking like a slob.  And as an added bonus, the premium quality sweats are sourced in the US.  Well-designed, comfortable, and American made…a win-win combination.

In order to get your hands on a pair of the Saturday Sweatpant, Natoma + Co. needs your help.  Though their Kickstarter campaign is over 60% funded, your support is needed to push this campaign over the edge and bring this game-changing pant to market.  Learn more about the Saturday Sweatpant and help back the project before Dec. 17 here: ‪http://kck.st/1MELM0F .

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