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The Big Chill

This holiday season, one of the biggest news stories has centered around the unseasonably warm weather affecting much of the US.  Here in New York, temps reached record highs on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Despite spending time with family and loved ones, the crisp chill of winter was the one thing missing from all of the holiday celebrations.

For those of us in the northeast wishing for some cooler weather, it looks like our prayers are being answered this week in the form of an extensive winter weather advisory.  And though that may sound threatening, it's an amazing opportunity to get back to layering and hopefully retire our spring/summer wardrobe for good.

One of my favorite outerwear pieces is the duffle coat.  Belted, hooded, sleek, and versatile, it's the perfect outer layer for transitional looks.  It keeps you just warm enough and can even double as a blazer when it's styled just right.  I've opted for a super casual look here with my duffle coat: ripped denim, graphic sweatshirt, and work boots.  I'm ready for the big chill whether it's a minor distraction or a long-term change.

Photography by Jairo Garcia

Duffle Coat:Urban Outfitters//Sweatshirt: Sub-urban Riot//Jeans: Gap//Boots: Steve Madden

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