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A Woman's Touch at Le Monsieur

As the menswear field grows even more competitive and several brands vie for our attention, it takes an extra special approach to stand out among the crowd.  Le Monsieur adds a personalized touch that sets the brand apart from the rest of the field.

Le Monsieur’s all-female team, led by founder Elle Lyn, offers made-to-measure suiting options with acute attention to detail.  The brand offers ease of shopping for the busy executive who has the funds to shop, but doesn’t have the time.  If you’re lucky enough to reside in California, you can experience the one of a kind service at the Pasadena shop.  The appointments are as tailored as the clothing with the shopper’s favorite snacks and drinks served while being measured.  For those who reside in Pasadena, there’s even the option of free dry cleaning service through a partnership with BRYAN’s Cleaners & Laundry.

For those outside of California, you can still get a taste of Le Monsieur by shopping their official website where you can have access to the brand’s offerings from suiting and cuff links to socks and wooden bow ties.  Le Monsieur also offers a video consulting service where, via Skype or FaceTime, customers can walk the team through their closet and receive real-time guidance on what to wear.

Lyn, a retired flight attendant, started the business after deciding to reduce her amount of traveling and further build on an already existing passion for custom menswear.  The brand was recently named Best Menswear Clothier in Pasadena, and word of mouth continues to be a powerful advertising tool.

What’s next for Le Monsieur? In an era of partnerships, the brand is carrying its inventory in multiple places like overstock.com.  And the team just inked a deal with Agave Denim.

For more info on Le Monsieur, head over to shoplemonsieur.com.

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