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Thomas Clipper Brings Luxury to Your Morning Shave

There’s a British startup sweeping the UK, and I’m here to let you in on the secret today.  In an era of direct to consumer startup companies, the businesses that are leading the pack are cutting out the middleman and circumventing traditional industry practices. Thomas Clipper is the latest in a small group of companies seeking to bring high quality shaving products directly to men. 

Unlike US startup brand Harry’s, Thomas Clipper has a laser focus on luxury.  All products are hand-made, small batch, and naturally sourced.  The brand’s oil and flannel products are organic.

Thomas Clipper’s most recent Kickstarter campaign was one of the fastest funded Product Design campaigns of all time.  The brand has been successfully funded twice.

In an effort to bring top quality to its customers, the Heritage Shaving Set, a limited edition collection, is made from a 305 year old British horse chesnut.  Now that’s heritage!

Thomas Clipper ships worldwide, and is catching fire in publications across the UK with coverage in British GQ and Time Out London among others.

If you’re looking to bring a touch of luxury back to your morning shave and support small business, check out Thomas Clipper at thomasclipper.com.

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