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These days I pretty much live in skinny denim and chinos.  But every now and then, a special occasion calls for a look that's a bit more elevated.  Though I'm not exactly the biggest fan of classic suiting, I do love suiting separates.  I've paired the bottom half of a navy suit with a chic, novelty sweater and a pair of slippers here.  In addition to the pairing, the dark hues make this look appropriate for an evening out on the town for cocktails, the theater, or a date.  When I have to dress up, I still like to avoid the traditional rules and inject my personality into my look.  Dandy enough for the occasion but still a true reflection of my sense of style.  Abandoning your jeans doesn't mean you have to lose your edge.

Photography by

Suiting pants and Sweater: Banana Republic; Shoes: MRKT.

The Blues

Joggers-The Next Level