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Finding Inspiration in Womenswear

The last couple weeks have been nothing short of a whirlwind.  I was hit with a double whammy of mild bronchitis and sinusitis which has left me heavily medicated and sluggish.  Needless to say, I've been MIA from Uptown Bourgeois and many other priorities in my life.  But despite my looming sickness, I managed to make it to a few shows during this winter's Mercedes Benz FW15 Fashion Week.  As always, I wasn't disappointed.

As a menswear blogger, I normally direct the vast majority of my attention to men's shows or at least to designers who cater to both genders.  This season however, due to a work scheduling conflict that prevented me from attending John Elliott + Co., I attended five women's shows.  Though womenswear is not exactly the desired subject for my intended audience, the shows I attended were ripe with fresh ideas and inspiration.

Jay Godfrey's presentation went against the cold weather grain by spotlighting bold colors, floral prints, and silky fabrications.  It was refreshing to see a fall/winter collection that wasn't based solely in black and gray.  When I think about my own style inspiration for the frigid months, I found myself brainstorming about how to work more creative prints and colors into my looks.


La Petite Robe's show screamed sensuality and sophistication.  The collection was cohesive and took a more traditional approach to feminine evening wear while still sprinkling in modern touches with mesh detailing and use of its signature jersey fabric blends. The show served as a reminder that fun can still be had as your fashion sense matures.


The swagger and ferocity of Georgine was eye-catching and daring with hints of avant garde. The collection was fresh with its complete rejection of the typical winter color palette and focal use of fur.  As I look to the future of UB and upcoming features, I'm definitely intrigued by looks and a styling POV that allows me to take more risks.  I felt similarly inspired by Oudifu and Lupe Gajardo's fresh takes on winter style.

I may not have seen menswear in the flesh this season (though I was practically drooling over thumbnails from Robert Geller, J. Crew, and Ovadia & Sons), but I walked away from Fashion Week feeling incredibly inspired and ready to get back to work on some incredible new pieces for UB.  The great thing about inspiration is that you find it when you least expect it.  (Plus, my anticipation for New York's first Men's Fashion Week is already through the roof!)

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