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Muted Handsome

Sometimes the best way to stand out amongst the crowd is to try blending in.  By blending in, I don't mean abandoning your POV or personality when it comes to your personal style.  But at a time when every guy is trying to outdo the next with elongated shirt length or neon-colored high tops, one way to make a splash with your street style is to simply not make a splash at all.  The look shown here is muted fashion at its best.  The color palette is steeped in gray and khaki with the black quilted vest to break it up.  The absence of strong color gives you a chance to focus on the details: the way the suede double monkstrap bounces off the two-tone sweater's sleeve color, the impeccable tailoring of the sweater, the slim cut of the chinos, etc.  As you search to find what trends do and don't work for you, remember to find pieces that fit the way you want them to and that represent you.  Even in what may seem like a plain ol' look, you can still stand out.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

All Clothing by Banana Republic


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