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The Chameleon

The suiting blazer is about as classic as one can get when it comes to men's apparel.  But contrary to popular belief, you can breathe new life into any blazer with just a few simple enhancements.  

Take the look I've featured here for instance. I've taken a double breasted suit blazer and paired it with one of my favorite sweatshirts from Monday's sweatshirt story: Your New Best Friend. Forgoing the normal shirt and tie relaxes the blazer and provides the perfect balance of dapper and casual. The look is relaxed but still appropriate. I finished it off with a pair of cotton blend trousers that aren't the original bottom half of the suit but still complete the look because of the continuity in the color story.

Wearing a suiting blazer doesn't have to mean confinement or boredom.  Take a few liberties, and you'll see that this menswear staple is one of the most versatile players in your closet.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Blazer and Pants: Banana Republic; Sweatshirt: Gap; Loafers: Floresheim; Socks: Happy Socks; Pocket Square: Y&G

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