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Black Is The New Black

I know, I know. I'm an NYC-based fashion blogger draped in all-black.  Though I've been a major supporter of incorporating color and prints into your winter wardrobe to keep things lively and fresh, I too have those days where the freezing temps push me to wear all black.  However, if you're going to wear all black, there are fun ways to do it in which you can play with texture and layers to set yourself apart.

Take one of your lighter weight sweaters and style it like your best shirt.  In this look, I've done just that by tucking it in as easily as any shirt in my closet.  I'm also using a lighter weight bomber jacket as a blazer.  I've paired them both back to skinny waxed denim.  The nylon bomber, cotton blend sweater, and waxy denim all bounce off each other to add variation and spice to my look despite the fact that I'm wearing one color.  I've topped it off with this amazingly warm Neoprene hooded coat-a much needed additional layer to fight the cold and another play on texture.

Don't be afraid to embrace whatever your favorite color may be-even if it's black.  But work it into your look in new and original ways to stay a few steps ahead of the fashion pack.

Photo by Tarik Carroll (www.tarikcarroll.com)

Coat: Zara; Beanie: Urban Outfitters; Gloves: Marc Jacobs; Jacket and Sweater: Banana Republic; Jeans: Greywire; Boots: Steve Madden

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