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Your New Best Friend

Throughout my 20s, sweaters of both the crew and v-neck variety were my staples to make every look feel complete.  They were an extra layer of refinement.  They hugged my body to accentuate all the right points of my physique.  They were all I knew.  Sweatshirts seemed to be the less established cousin to my favorite pieces.  However, it's no secret that nearly every designer and mass market brand has embraced the new era of the sweatshirt by releasing well tailored versions that play with prints, color, and silhouette.  These days, I find all my sweaters collecting dust in the closet while my sweatshirts get all the love and the best pairings.  Gap's lived-in sweatshirt is absolutely perfect: the soft cotton is the most comfortable fabric you'll wear this spring, the pricepoint ($44.95-49.95) is a steal, and the color variety is unmatched.  I think I literally have one in every color.  You can find outstanding sweatshirts at other brands too like Banana Republic, John Elliott + Co, and J. Crew.  This Spring, ditch your sweaters and incorporate some athletic casual into your looks.

Photo by SahedPhotography.com

Black Sweatshirt: Banana Republic; All other sweatshirts: Gap

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