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On The Go

In a city like New York, running simple errands can feel like running a marathon: carrying heavy bags of groceries home on a muggy day, lugging home an oversized purchase from Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.  Depending on public transportation is affordable and cool until you have to start moving things that weigh more than 5 pounds.  It's human nature to throw on a pair of ratty sweats and an old tee to do these things, but running an errand that's less than desirable doesn't mean your outfit has to be too.

Those early Spring days can still be quite chilly.  Here I've got on a pair of joggers (one elevated step above those ragged sweatpants) paired back to simple mid-top sneakers and a thicker cotton blend henley.  I've got a chambray woven tied around my waist for a small injection of Spring color and as a possible additional layer if it gets too cool for my taste.  All in all, a few simple tips can take your errand wardrobe to new heights.  Being on the go doesn't mean you have to dress like you don't have time to care.  You never know who you could run into.  Make sue you're ready to carry a big box or navigate your way through that unexpected awkward run-in.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Henley, Bag, and Woven: Banana Republic; Joggers: Gap; Sneakers: Calvin Klein


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