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Find The Light

New Yorkers sometimes get a bad rap.  New York City is a big, bustling, tough city full of people who dress in black year-round.  Black is edgy; black matches everything; black makes everyone look amazing.  But after a seemingly endless winter season of being cloaked in dark colors, the return of the sun inspires me (and hopefully you too) to throw on some lighter shades and embrace some color.

The warm, dreamy combo on display here is all about brightening up your look.  The slubby white tee is all about comfort but it's tailored just enough in all the right places to keep you from looking sloppy.  The linen blend cardigan adds in some texture to break up an almost exclusively cotton look.  And the light wash on this slim denim gives the overall look a strong consistency that won't wash you out or make you look like you're rejoicing a little too much about springtime.

As we transition into warmer temps, get out of your dark comfort zone and try a little color.  Don't worry...something tells me there will be plenty of time to wear black.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Shirt and Jeans: Gap; Cardigan: Banana Republic; Shoes: Cole Haan

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