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Stairway to Style

As temps increase, the warmer seasons seem to bring out bold prints.  Fashion enthusiasts and average joes alike seem to think their Spring wardrobes should revolve around florals, geometrics, and novelty prints.  But you can evoke the freshness of the season in a subtle and stylish way.

Solid colors can do wonders for your look when styled and paired correctly.  Lately, I've been heavily focused on simplicity during warm months.  The look shown here is all about pulling solid color pieces together to build a strong, inspired outfit.  The white short sleeve woven is purposely oversized for breathability and to create a draping effect.  It's topped with this vintage blazer for a chic work look, but if it gets warm, the woven works fine on its own.  The sizing of the woven is the perfect complement to skinny denim-the proportion of all three pieces works together to balance the overall look.

Sometimes standing out in Spring isn't about how bright or bold you can be.  Simplicity, proportion, and styling make a similarly bold statement.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Blazer: Vintage Oscar de la Renta; Shirt: Topman; Jeans: Gap; Shoes: Cole Haan; Socks: Nike



Simple Spring