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Jump Into Spring!

Could it be?! Has Spring finally decided to show its sunny face once and for all? With the return of Spring comes the return of outdoor life: drinks on rooftops, dining at sidewalk cafes, exercising beyond the gym, walking out of your building without winter gear.  The list could go on.  Though I'm quite fond of working out in the gym, I've committed to getting to know outdoor New York this spring/summer.  But even when it comes to breaking a sweat, it's still important to do it in style.  

Sure joggers have worked their way into our everyday looks, but let's not forget their original intent before they became the fashion statement du jour.  While Spring temps are rising, there's still a bit of a crisp chill in the air.  A pair of lightweight cotton blend joggers are just right for that late morning jog along the Hudson.  But make sure they aren't too tailored.  You need enough give to stretch your legs and expand your stride.  I've paired these joggers back to a basic tee and quilted vest-subtle layers that give me enough warmth without weighing me down.  Even your outdoor activities need a little injection of style!

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Joggers and Tee: Gap; Vest: Banana Republic; Sneakers: Nike

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