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Travel In Style

Me (and my sinuses) were so happy to get out of blustery New York for a week! This seemingly endless winter just wouldn't let up, and I was finally forced to flee to warmer temps for relief.  I spent 8 days becoming acquainted with Mexico City and Queretaro.  The weather was perfect, and both cities were filled with so much rich culture and pride in tradition.

Aside from the shift in weather and exposure to a new culture, the best part of traveling was wearing less.  Of course, wearing less when you travel doesn't mean you have to lose your edge or refinement.  I spent this day in particular in a very simple look-a tailored polo, skinny jeans, and oxfords.  The outfit was easy to pack, takes up little room in my suitcase, and holds up remarkably well after being smashed in crowded luggage.  It has been ages since I could wander outdoors without winter coats and accessories, but I felt so comfortable cloaked in simplicity.  Pulling off the layers can be exciting, but it's important to remember to maintain your sense of style through subtle details.

Photography by Jairo Garcia

Polo: Banana Republic; Jeans: Gap; Shoes: Cole Haan

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