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How To Wear...Part 1

how to wear 1

One of the great things about a great look or a great piece is that feeling of exhilaration you get when you wear it.  You love it so much that you want to wear it all the time.  The downside is that you never want your wardrobe to get predictable.  So the question arises: how do you continue to wear that favorite piece every week without looking like you're trapped in a uniform?

I absolutely love these black waxed skinny jeans from Greywire.  Greywire is this cool, premium denim brand with jeans that fit me like a glove.  I've worn them in a few other looks over the months at Uptown Bourgeois, and I wear them to work quite often.  Here, I'm keeping my look simple.  I've paired it with a simple, slightly elongated gray tee.  But to avoid the look going too basic, I threw on a pair of Chelsea boots.  The simple tee and boots give these jeans the chance to shine.  Fit is also the star here with each piece hugging and tugging in all the right places.

This is just one of many ways to wardrobe my skinny jeans.  Next week, I'll show you how to make a few slight changes to create a completely new look.  You can keep wearing your favorite pieces as often as you want-but avoid the wardrobe doldrums by keeping your pairings fresh.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Jeans: Greywire; Tee: John ElliottxGAP; Boots: Steve Madden

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