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How To Wear...Part 2

The response to the first half of my new How To Wear feature was received very well.  I guess you all love my skinny black jeans as much as I do!

For the second look, I wanted to create an outfit aesthetic that was new school business casual.  Nothing screams work-appropriate like a blazer.  But to keep it fresh and avoid being too stuffy, I scrunched up the sleeves and paired it with a subtle printed tee.  I threw on a pair of black leather fashion sneakers for good measure.  The look says that I'm ready and capable to take care of business, but I want to have fun while I'm doing so.  And of course, in the spirit of How To Wear, the same black waxed jeans pull all the elements together.

Using one core piece of your wardrobe to anchor several looks can be a lot of fun.  You don't need to break the bank to get versatility out of your closet.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Blazer: Banana Republic; Tee: Topman; Jeans: Greywire; Shoes: Rosin

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