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Sometimes I find myself longing for the college days-when Converse were appropriate for almost every occasion and a professional dress code seemed light years away.  This particular look is reminiscent of those carefree days.  If you're in a creative field, maybe you can still pull this off as a work look.  But for most, it's comfy casual for the weekend.

If I would've pulled off a clean collegiate look like this when I was in school, I would have easily been the best dressed man on campus.  This look is all about comfort and simplicity.  The colorblock sweatshirt is a step above the basic sweatshirt but not so novel that it pulls away from the rest of the look.  The woven layered underneath stays untucked to play with proportion.  The skinny jean keeps things contemporary while the Converse add a playful edge.  

Being a grown up doesn't always have to mean stuffy and traditional looks.  Use your downtime to relax your look and rediscover your inner kid.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Sweatshirt and Jeans: Gap; Woven: Banana Republic; Sneakers: Converse; Backpack: Topman


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