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The $100 Style Challenge

The title kind of sounds like a 70's game show, but this was a fun assignment! I set out to scour the streets of Soho and build a versatile summer outfit that cost no more than $100.  I thought this would be pretty difficult.  I've typically associated lower priced items with poor quality and fit.  But I was pleasantly surprised and so was my wallet!

I anchored the look in light gray shorts from Joe Fresh ($19).  They were being advertised as part of a Father's Day special so I thought they might be a little too "mature" for my taste.  But I was quite pleased with the slim cut of the leg and the perfect length.  I picked up a chambray shirt from the same shop (also $19) to use as a layering piece.  I picked up these floral statement sneakers ($10) and short-sleeved henley ($20) from Urban Outfitters.  For just $70, I built a light, simple, airy summer look with money to spare.

With big box value retailers owning the retail game right now, shoppers can expect to find quality pieces at unbelievable prices.  Maybe the $100 style challenge is too easy? How about the $50 style challenge?

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Chambray Shirt and Shorts: Joe Fresh; Henley and Sneakers: Urban Outfitters

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