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Smells Like Summer Part 1

An essential part of every guy's wardrobe that may not always be seen is his signature scent.  Your scent can change with the season, your mood, or your outfit. And the fragrance industry is home to thousands upon thousands of variations that could leave you dazed and confused if you're in the process of nailing down that perfect fragrance.  How much should you spend? What brands do it well? What top notes are right for you? Which scents last throughout the day?

Wouldn't it be great if someone could figure it out for you?  Well, the team at Scent Trunk has you covered.  Simply fill out a scent profile that takes no more than 5 minutes.  You detail the types of scents you like, your level of expertise with scents, and your scent-wearing habits.  Then, each month, you'll receive a customized box of fragrances based on your preferences.  Each scent in your box comes complete with an info card detailing key notes, the inspiration behind the scent, and the scent's longevity.  This takes all the guessing out of finding your next favorite cologne.

I loved every scent in my box, but this particular outfit was inspired by Costume National's 21 EDP.  With top notes of Amber and Saffron, the scent evokes both luxury and simplicity.  Sticking with these themes, I found my look's simplicity based in cuffed denim shorts and a comfy v-neck tee.  All solid colors and no flash here.  Perfect for a summer day spent wandering your city.  But as the sun goes down, I added the plush varsity jacket for an added layer and for some sporty cool that stays consistent with the overall feel of the look.

Creating a strong look isn't always about what others see. Sometimes the most important pieces are the ones that appeal to the senses. 

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Tee, Shorts, Shoes, and Varsity Jacket all by GAP

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