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Smells Like Summer Part 2

I have to admit that I'm always intrigued by innovative companies that put a creative spin on existing business ideas. Scent Trunk is one of those very companies that's setting out to turn the subscription box game on its head. I was so inspired by what they're doing that I extended my collaboration with them to two posts.

This particular look was inspired by Water (Roberta Andrade).  Water is crisp, cool, and fresh with top notes of grapefruit and mint.  The fragrance was designed to evoke memories of the ocean-the feel of water washing over you, the scent of the beach, the sight of fresh green citrus.  I instantly thought of a look that was simplistic but just right for an outdoor excursion on the shore.

These shorts are perfect for the season-olive green to stay on trend, cut and cuffed to hit above the knee, cotton blend for comfort.  They even come with a built-in cotton snap buckle belt; with no need for an additional accessory, these shorts are absolutely carefree.  The sneakers and white tee keep things from getting too complicated.  You can throw this on for a walk on the beach and look summer-ready with little to no effort.

Like Water, all it takes is a few notes to bring that perfect summer day to life.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Tee and shorts: Gap; Sneakers: Rosin; Cardigan: Banana Republic

Get this look for $52+ on Lookastic: Beige Cardigan, White V-neck T-shirt, Olive Shorts, Black Low Top Sneakers

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