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Mod Times

These are mod times.

I'm pulling a little inspiration from the mod dress code.  The skinny tie, slim cut dress shirt, snug chinos, black and white color scheme with a hint of pastel...all these aspects harken back to the mod period of men's fashion.  As much as I love skinny denim and basic tees, there's something about a leather jacket and a tie that creates the perfect marriage between sophistication and masculine cool.  

In this age where the definition of the work dress code seems to be evolving by the minute, this look isn't limited to just one area of your life.  You can rock this at the office, at happy hour, or a concert in Williamsburg.  Taking little snippets from our fashion past can inspire every facet of your lifestyle.

It's a common belief in fashion that all trends and styles rear their stylish heads time and time again.  But sometimes, a little blast from the past is most certainly welcome.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Jacket, Shirt, Tie, and Chinos by Banana Republic; Tie bar by The Tie Bar; Sneakers by Rosin; Belt by JCPenny

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