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A Touch of Green

Nothing says summer like a freshly pressed gingham shirt.  And I love the pattern in this mint green.  It's equally refreshing and refined.  Though I'm quite fond and supportive of guys wearing whatever they want year-round (and trust me, in New York City, they do), there are those certain patterns like gingham and madras that evoke summer and no other season.  Gingham is a pretty traditional, long-standing menswear pattern so picking up a shirt in a standout color and keeping it unbuttoned and untucked can keep this wardrobe staple youthful.

As I'm sure you can see, I'm taking full advantage of summer wardrobe rules by breaking out my white chinos every chance I can get.  But I've added a rustic dapper touch with suede desert boots and adventurous patterned socks.  One of the most underrated parts of a man's wardrobe is his socks.  If you're going rogue and wearing socks this summer when everyone else is bearing their ankles, make sure they stand out for all the right reasons.

A touch of green (or any bright color) in just the right places can take your look to the next level of summer dressing.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Gingham shirt and chinos: Banana Republic; Socks: Happy Socks; Boots: Steve Madden

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