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Brand Spotlight: The Freck

Featured stylish guy Brett Mccall

Featured stylish guy Brett Mccall

It's no secret that menswear is having a HUGE moment right now.  While women's fashion obviously brings in the big bucks, men's fashion is growing exponentially faster.  Plus, menswear designers are taking more risks and covering new territory.  It's a great time to be a menswear fanatic.

Gregory Pohl, another featured style guy

Curated offering from Gregory Pohl

The competitive landscape online is also changing rapidly for menswear buyers and enthusiasts alike.  While I live in New York, a city that's home to just about every designer and store you can think of, not every guy has that advantage.  How do you get your hands on some cool, designer product when the closest Saks is hundreds of miles away?  The Freck has your answer.

The Freck is a menswear online retailer that's putting a fresh spin on consignment.  Launching in late summer 2015, the site will introduce new pieces to its collective wardrobe by allowing users to shop the closets of featured stylish guys.  This isn't your grandma's consignment shop where you might find yourself digging through dusty bins of "vintage" clothes on a Saturday.  You can shop fashion forward selections from guys who have incredible style.  Shoppers will also have the opportunity to sell some stuff of their own as well as submit themselves or friends for possible features on the site.

I've had an exclusive look at the online store, and I can honestly tell you I can't wait for this to launch! In a crowded playing field, only original ideas will stand out, and there's no doubt that The Freck will be ahead of the pack. Visit www.thefreck.com for more info and updates on the launch! Also follow The Freck on IG: @shopthefreck.

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