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Dude In Distress

I know, I know. Distressed denim was one of those really cool, almost avant garde fashion trends that was desirable before every discount and mid-market brand put their own spin on it.  But despite its industry ubiquity, it seems that distressed denim is definitely here to stick around for at least a bit longer.  

There are LOTS of option.  Some guys can opt for minor rips and tears that are hardly noticeable while others may prefer for most of their quads to show.  Whether you like the subtle choice or the nearly naked choice, you're still on trend.  For me, I wanted a pair of distressed denim that I could incorporate into multiple parts of my life.  If you can see my thigh from two blocks away, it's probably not a pair of pants that are appropriate for work.  So I picked distressed detail that gives me the edge of the rips and tears without the exposure.  And the light wash is soft enough to add pretty much any pattern or color up top.  I kept my look somewhat light and washed out with a slubby henley and some printed sneakers.

While it's always important to be wary of trend, you can still embrace looks of the moment as long as you can identify what works for you.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Henley and Jeans by Gap; Sneakers by Rosin; Backpack by Topman

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