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The Must Wear List 8.28.15

1. The Stutterheim Opal Red Raincoat

This handmade beauty from the Swedish raincoat brand is a strong, elegant statement for fall.  Forget your umbrella. Forget your mac.  Hell, forget everything you’ve ever used to shield yourself from the rain.  None of those things matter now that you’ve seen this raincoat.  Who says you have to be bogged down by rain accessories in bad weather? You can be just as stylish in a thunderstorm.

2. Acne Studios “Spruce Green” Fanex Hooded Sweatshirt

This oversized, 100% cotton hoodie is double-layered luxury.  I can already imagine pairing this back to some severely skinny pants and a pair of dope slip ons.  And it looks so warm.  Give me two please!

3. Adidas Originals Stan Smith “Collegiate Navy”

Sometimes a little makeover is all you need. I’ve always loved this classic Adidas low top.  But the suede update in navy makes it a must have all over again.  Can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of these!

4. Clothsurgeon “Essential” Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

If you’re a fan of activewear and the finer things in life, Clothsurgeon has you covered.  The luxe streetwear offering features pieces that were all hand-distressed and detailed with hidden zippers.  And they look so damn cozy!

5. The Luxurious Parker “Ingenuity” Ink Pen

This writing utensil from Parker Pen is so luxurious , the company has patented new 5TH technology to start a new era of pens.  Its smart glide tip writes like a marker and stops all that leakage associated with your standard ballpoint.

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