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Night Work

I take massive pride in the fact that I've built a lifestyle in which I really don't have to wear suits.  As a creative person, I thrive in environments where I can wear clothing that truly represents me.  But that being said, the time does come periodically when a suit is the most appropriate attire choice.

When I do wear suits, the double breasted variety is my best friend.  As an athletic guy with broad shoulders, my frame doesn't overpower the beauty of the jacket.  The standard two and three-button blazers look good on my body type when they're designed well, but the fit around my shoulders can get uncomfortably tight when buying off the rack.  

And of course, I have to add in the elements of my personality.  I've forgone the dress shirt and tie for a crew neck graphic tee.  Keeping the blazer buttoned gives a tease of the tee without exposing the full design.  Also, I've added some flair in my footwear with blue-soled dress shoes and blue shoestrings.

Whenever you do need to make an aesthetic change outside of your comfort zone, make sure you don't lose your personality within that look.  Take liberty with some smaller details to ensure that YOU still shine through in whatever it is you choose to wear.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Suit: Banana Republic; Tee: H&M; Shoes: J.D. Fisk; Pocket Square: Seigo

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