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Prep School Charm

I work in an industry where you essentially break every rule that exists when it comes to appropriate work attire.  People wear joggers, distressed denim, graphic tees, and a host of other casual lifestyle staples that most would never associate with someone who has a serious full-time job.  For me, I enjoy that freedom to wear whatever I choose to work.  I never saw myself as the 9 to 5, suited up kind of guy.  (Though I do have major respect and admiration for those guys who kill it in suits day after day.) However, one spot where I have trouble "crossing the line" is with shorts.

Shorts are definitely a versatile player in a guy's closet.  And with the heatwave we've been experiencing the last couple weeks in NYC, they've been my best friend in my personal time.  But despite the freedom to "come as you are" at work, I just can't find my comfort level in sporting a pair of shorts to work.  So my challenge for this look was to find a suitable shorts look that embraced that style freedom of my work place while still being appropriate enough to handle business.

The shorts featured here are a bit shorter than most on the market.  With a 7" inseam, they hit a few inches above the knee.  So be sure to work on that tan before you slide into them.  They're cut slim and fit well in all the right places.  These shorts are like my favorite skinny chinos from the mid-thigh up.  Pairing them with a tailored, classic dress shirt gives them a polish that makes them appropriate for the conference room.  I'm rocking the look with a pair of slip-on sneakers, but you could easily trade them out for a loafer or oxford from some additional prep school charm.

If you're stumped on how to make your shorts work for you in a professional environment or even just interested in taking them up a notch, get over that roadblock by following the same rules you would for a suit.  Clean, classic, and slim are the only guidelines you need.

Photography by SahedPhotography.com

Shorts and sneakers: Gap; Shirt: Banana Republic; Belt: Wall + Water

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